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Improving Your Quality of Life

Ralons Healthcare specializes in offering comprehensive personalized healthcare services. Every member of our team is thoroughly trained to ensure the highest quality healthcare staff to our customers. Ralons Healthcare offers home healthcare services, phone assistance, health transfer, nursing care, rehabilitation and corporate wellness plans.

Our services

  • - Providing in home healthcare.
  • - 24 hour phone assistance.
  • - Transportation services.
  • - Dietitians.
  • - Occupational therapy & rehabilitation.
  • - Assisted living or nursing home management services:
    • Medical and nursing services.
    • Guards.
    • Cooking services.
    • Facilities Maintenance/Cleaning.
    • Specialized adapted transportation.
    • Community and corporate wellness programs.
    • Social-cultural animation
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance

Ralons Healthcare has received the UNE 158401 certification for our 24 hour phone assistance hotline.

UNE 158401

We offer this service as a way to provide necessary information and immediate care to our patients. Our system allows users to conveniently contact healthcare professionals or emergency services via the use of a watch or pendant communication device. This provides the necessary support to ensure both the safety and quality of life for our customers..

Phone Assistance 24 hours/365 days a year

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